Gaskin Springs Holiness Camp Meeting

Douglas, Georgia: June 9 - 16, 2018

Daily Schedule

7:30am  Prayer Service 
8:00am  Breakfast 
12:30pm Lunch
5:30pm Supper
7:30pm Evening Service


Camp begins evening worship service on Saturday, June 9, 2018 and finishes after the morning worship service on Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Meet the Camp Officers and Board

In every effective ministry, there is a core group of people who gladly serve to see the mission move forward.

That is certainly true at Gaskin Springs, and we are grateful for the camp leadership who give oversight to the ministry here:

Camp Officers

  • Camp President: Rev. Gary Berrier, Macon, GA
  • Mr. Shannon Tolle, Homerville, GA,  Vice President
  • Mary Lynn Ayers, Homerville, GA, Secretary
  • Ms. Debra Mizell, Douglas, GA, Treasurer

Camp Board Members

  • Mr Charles Chambers, Canton, GA
  • Mr. Stephen Chambers, Canton, GA
  • Rev. Gary Berrier, Macon, GA
  • Mr. Edwin Gaskins,  Alapaha, GA (Honorary)
  • Mr. Herman Ellis,  Douglas, GA
  • Ms. LaNell Tolle, Homerville, G
  • Ms. June Mullis, Axson, GA